Rugged Sophistication with a Breitling Super Avenger Replica

new arrivalsEach luxury watchmaker often gets associated with a certain quality or personality. The best brands of watches are so distinct from one another that even without looking at the brand, you'll know one when you see one. Breitling is a luxury watch manufacturer that's known for its rugged sophistication. Breitling watches are big, attention-grabbing, and masterfully crafted. You get big watch faces that are easy to read no matter where you find yourself in, so Breitling is known for its durability and reliability. Every watch is made with the same attention to detail and rugged sophistication, so if you own a Breitling you get all of these elements in your wrist. Of course the brand didn't start off as the huge international brand it is today. Like all big names in watch-making, Breitling came from humble beginnings.

A Different Level of Sturdiness

The Breitling Super Avenger is one of Breitling's most popular products. It has a case diameter of 48 mm which makes it very easy to read. It's a self-winding chronograph masterpiece with three subdials perfectly set in its face. The dials are luminescent so readability is not a problem, even when it's dark. The Breitling Super Avenger is a sturdy diver's watch, and it was made to withstand 300 meters or 1,000 feet of water. That's 30 bars of pressure, so this watch truly comes in a different level of sturdiness. Depending on your personal preference, the Super Avenger comes in steel case dials of different colors - black, volcano black, white, and air force blue. The watch mostly comes in a steel bracelet, but you get the occasional variations too. For instance, the air force blue dial comes with a leather strap and a tang type buckle just like ROLEX Copies.

Breitling Super Avanenger

Breitling Replicas

While this watch is without question a great watch to own, buying it for its full price can really cost you a lot of money. The good news is that you can get a knockoff Lady Datejust or Breitling Super Avenger for a fraction of the price. If you find a good replica watch supplier you'll get a watch that looks and functions exactly like the original, that even a trained eye can't tell it's a knockoff.

The Beginning so Breitling

Back in 1884, Léon Breitling founded a brand of luxury Swiss watches in his workshop in Saint-Imier, Bernese Jura. He devoted himself to perfecting the science of chronographs and timers, and as the years went on he just dedicated himself to providing innovative products that target three areas - diving, aviation, and luxury. The wrist chronograph made by Breitling was prized by those in these fields, and it slowly became the preferred supplier of world aviation. Divers and those in other fields saw the appeal of Breitling watches as well, and soon the company soared to new heights. Today Breitling is an internationally renowned brand that's known for sophistication and class, and every product it comes up with has the same level of quality.

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